Peer Review

The purpose of this blog is to review the Interactive Learning Resource created by group 11. After following the steps of the tutorial, I found some points where this tutorial is nice as well as some parts that need to be improved in my opinion. To begin with, after reading the introduction, I thought this course was only going to explore EHR. However, when I looked at the learning outcomes, a unfamiliar team was introduced. In the third point, “Compare and contrast the difference(s) between an EMR and an EHR." I would suggest that the group to modify the introduction. One way to modify the introduction is to include EMR and give the learner a little lesson about what is EMR, which the introduction explains what is EHR well. Next, I was a little bit confused when I entered the “TalentLMS Navigation Tips" page. I did not know that the TalentLMS is the platform of this tutorial until the next page. In addition, I personally think that “TalentLMS Navigation Tips" page and its next page which contains a short video covers the basics of how to use TalentLMS" are quite similar. I would suggest combine this two page together such as deleting the " “TalentLMS Navigation Tips" page and cover it in the video. Next, I would like to discuss about the test of module 1 which is a short answer. I have tried to type in several different wrong answers, but there is not correct answer provided. I would suggest to provide a correct answer for the question. Even worse, if the correct answer is not provided, then the learner would carry away the wrong knowledge. However, one thing that I love about the test is that it can be passed after second try. If the learner kept choosing wrong answers, the learner would become very frustrated and I believe that frustration affect the learning process a lot. Overall, I think this tutorial is very well made. The knowledge is delivered to me and there is only some minor to improve.

Blog Post 5

The purpose of this blog is to conclude my learning experience as regaining the workout habit of past few weeks. In the first and second weeks, it was extremely hard to get back to gym. It has been a year since I have not worked out. Everything that was once easy for me is difficult now. However, I did not quit. I successfully followed my plan. Things were better after the second week. My body was able to adapt to the new habit. I did not feel any uncomfortable during the workout. This is because practice makes perfect. If you want to be good at certain thing, you must spend time to practice. The process develops the connections to our brain and nervous system, which also called mind body connection. In addition, I actually lost some weight off my body. However, I stopped hitting gym everyday and did not followed my meal plan. I started to get lazy and order deliveries due to my busy schedule of class and the stress of finding a co-op job. Today, I was weighted more 1 kg more than the weight when I started. I realized that this is very similar to learning. Learning is a very long and continual process which If you stopped, you won’t get any progress from it.

Welcome to my blog for EDCI 338

Hello everyone, My name is PinRui Chen and I am currently a fourth year computer science student at Uvic. I can program in several languages such as Java, C, Javascript, Python, HTML and CSS. I am very passionate about programming and I love to learn new skills and knowledge. During my spare time, I like to work out at gym. I enjoy both cardio exercise and weight training. My proudest accomplishment must be my successful weight loss journey. Two years ago when I ended a relationship, I was extremely overweight that I weighted about 110 kilograms. I realized that I should get rid of some weight and started a new and healthy lifestyle. I went to the gym regularly, at least 5 days a week, and maintained very strict diet. After a year, I lost nearly 40 kg that I weighted about 70 kg last summer. However, when I started a new relationship, I gradually gained some weight back and I decided to start weight loss for three months. In the blog, I will share with you guys about my fat loss tips and work out routine. I am planning to post my daily meal and workout routine to motivate you guys.

Week 4 Blog Post

After third week of working out at the gym, I realized that my belly is smaller this morning. Even my girlfriend said that my double chin seems to be gone. I am very glad that I decided to get back to my old habit as the learning for the course EDCI 335. I am becoming more healthier with exercises and clean foods. Although I still crave for junk foods such as burgers, pizzas, fried chickens, and potato chips, I can control how much I eat now. If I am really craving for certain foods, I would only have one or two small bits.

At the gym, I can gradually add some weight to my current weight lifting routine. For example, when I first started, I can only perform three sets of dumbbell chest press for 10 repetitions with 30 pounds for each dumbbell. I can perform four sets of dumbbell chest press for 10 repetitions with 45 pounds for each dumbbell. Not only did my chest grows, but also my back and other muscle groups. For lat pull down, I could do with weight 70 pounds before, now, I can do with weight 100 pounds. In addition, I can run on treadmill machines a lot easier. When I first started, I can’t even manage to run for 10 minutes without stopping to catch some breath. I can easily run for 30 minutes straight and that I am not tired! I believe that I have made a huge progress and improvements past few weeks.

As related to this weeks’s reading, I believe some technology are great for learning for myself. When I first started to workout, I totally had no clew what to start with. There were so many machines that I have no knowledge of how to perform it and what they are for. In addition, it is really expensive to have a personal trainer to teach me everything. However, with the help of current technology, such as online forum, YouTube , and eBooks, I can learn new things that I am interested to. There are several key building blocks of education media that I employed. For they are text, graphics, video and computing. It is very important to learn every muscle group of my body before first working out. A graphic of major muscle groups of body helped me to recognize each muscle group. Text, video, and computing are important too. I learned how to perform exercise from watching videos from YouTube, slow motion moves breakdown from animation, and reading related knowledge from eBooks.

Week 3 Blog Post

This is my second week of transitioning to healthy lifestyle and it is still a very hard process. I woke up everyday with my sore muscle. In addition, it took me almost five minutes to get up from bed as I can barely move my arms and legs. However, the pain is worth the price because I did actually lose some weight. I weighted around 88 kilograms at the beginning of the last week. Today, I weighted 86.3 kilograms in the morning. That is 1.7 kilograms in two weeks! This is a good start for me and even a huge motivation for me to keep going. Below will record what I did to lose 1.7 kilograms in a healthy way, mainly foods and exercises.

According to the online TDEE calculator, my maintenance calories is 2280. I subtracted 500 calories from maintenance calories for my daily calories intake. Therefore, I must eat at about 1800 calories per day. For the breakfast, I will have a bagel with three boiled eggs. I will eat 170 grams of chicken breast and half of cup of rice with a lot of green vegetables for lunch and dinner. After my training session, I will take a scoop of protein powder. This is because consuming high amount of protein can help prevent muscle loss during weight loss and it also helps to reduce hunger. If I felt hungry between each meals, I will eat some fruits that are low in sugar, such as apple.

In addition to the foods, I also took the advantage of cardio exercise to help me speed up the weight loss by creating more calories deficit. Although I really hate to do cardio exercise, I found that it is important to create a music playlist that has music with strong beats. I usually run on the treadmill for around 45 minutes. Last week, I did my training session in the morning and I found that my energy level is how that after I finished my weight training, I had almost no stamina to run. Therefore, I made a hypothesis that this can be improved if I trained at afternoon. And my hypothesis is correct, it is much more easier for me to train at afternoon that I can run for 60 minutes!

in relate to reading, I think creating a good weight lose plan is similar to designing a good blended learning. Both of them required “consideration of many content and process issues". Flexibility is a key element to design both of them. It is very hard to follow a strict diet for a long period of time that I am not enjoying it; Therefore, it is necessary to include a cheat meal which I can eat whatever I am craving once per week. In addition, when I am follow the same weight lose plan, the effect of losing weight will decrease. The weight lose plan must be “redesign" to “gain effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility."



Week 2 Post

To form a new habit is hard, especially a good habit. Because you need to let your body to adapt to a new lifestyle. I think this is very similar compare to changing someone’s mind. Our body does not like us to exercise to burn more calories just like our mind has the bias to give more credibility to the ideas what we believe and less to what we don’t believe. Both our body and mind have are very persistent. In addition, the difficulty to form a new habit depends on the length of the old habit. In the video of backward bicycle, the son learned how to ride a backward bicycle a lot faster compare to the dad. The son only had 2 years of experience of riding bicycle while the dad has eight years.

I successfully completed my challenge this week as I followed the plan that I made last week. However, it is a very bad start. To begin with, the amount of weight of the dumbbell that I once could’ve easily lift is very heavy for me now. I can barely lift half of that amount. Although I know that this is common since I have not work out for awhile. Still, it is very sad that all of that hard work and muscle are lost. After I finished my weight training, I was already exhausted. I had to find a spot in the gym to catch some breath before jumping onto the treadmill.

It is even worse when I started to jog. My breath was heavy and I could hardly move my legs after 5 minutes. Also, doing cardio exercise is extremely boring for me. I can’t stop myself from keep looking at the clock. All I wanted is that time can go faster so I can finish and head home for a shower. Finally, after 30 minutes, I survived. My clothes was full of sweat. Even though this is a very rough start, I believe there is still a lot of room for me to improve and become better and better. For example, I can train at afternoon. I trained in the morning this week and perhaps if I trained at afternoon, I could have more power and energy to complete the training. Therefore, I will be training at afternoon next week to see if there is any improvement.

Week 1 Post

As the summer is approaching fast, I will not be able to hide my big belly under heavy coats anymore. Therefore, I decided to start losing weight as my personal challenge. Losing weight could be hard if I do not have a good plan and mindset. It is important to set a realistic goal on how much weight to lose per month. Since I only have four weeks, I think losing four kilograms a month seems decent.

I will be exercising at the Uvic’s gym, CARSA, because I still have the membership that I purchased from last year. I plan to exercise at least five times a week and I will be doing both weight training and cardio. I will train each of my muscle groups for a day and following a 30 minutes cardio. Although doing cardio is great when losing weight, it is more important to restrict what I eat daily. As I am 180 cm height and 87 kilograms, I decided to eat at around 1800 calories each day.

Since I used to workout at the gym, I believe that I can catch up this very fast. Because I have already gone through the encoding, consolidation, and retrieval phases of forming mind-muscle connection.

Self Introduction

Hello, my name is PinRui Chen. I am a fourth year computer science student at Uvic. I am passionate to write codes in several different programming languages. I have learned to program in C, Java, python, and HTML. I came to Canada with my family about ten years ago. I really like the nice weather in Victoria and I have become a Canada citizen three years ago. I like to spend my spare time after school to exercise at the gym, either cardio or weight training and I also like to play video games.

My favorite learning experience happened when I first walked into the gym to lift some dumbbells. Because I did not have any experience and a personal trainer, I have no idea how to use different machines at the gym. I started to learn and improve my technique by watching videos on YouTube. The advantage of learning new things from YouTube or any online resources are that I can pause the video at anytime and watch again and again as I needed. And this is also the reason why I would take online courses such as EDCI 335.